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What you need to know!

Our new winter timetable starts on December 3rd - there are timetable changes for all routes, some times are adjusted by a few minutes, others are more significant - and there's good news for Lower Basildon, Whitchurch and Whitchurch Hill as the Parks Route service will run on Wednesdays as well as Saturdays from December 5th for a trial period.  The new timetable gives longer for shopping in Reading too.  Check out the pages for each route to see the new timetables.


Where do we go?

These are the services we are running currently:

Goring to Wallingford via Cleeve and The Stokes - route 134 (runs Mondays to Saturdays, up to nine return journeys)

Goring to Wallingford via Streatley and Moulsford - route 133 (Tuesdays and Fridays only)

Wallingford to Watlington via RAF Benson and Ewelme - route 137 (Fridays only)

Wallingford to Berinsfield via Shillingford Hill and Dorchester - route 138 (Tuesdays only)

Goring to Reading via Basildon & Beale Parks, Pangbourne, Whitchurch Hill and Caversham - The Parks Route (Saturdays only, also on Wednesdays from December 5th 2018)


Please see the individual pages on this website for details of timetables and fares.


Can anyone use the buses?

Yes of course!  Everyone is welcome, we operate normal registered bus services, you can even find details of our services on Traveline - although as short notice changes may take time to get on the system it's best to check the website for the latest timetables if you're not a regular user.  


Are dogs allowed on the buses?

Yes, well behaved dogs are welcome provided they don't get in the way of the passengers and they mustn't be allowed on the seats.


How will I recognise the bus?

We operate a small fleet of 14-15 seater minibuses.  Most of them are white, but one is blue.  Under normal circumstances you will see the route number displayed on the windscreen using an LED display or poster.  Watch out for the little white or little blue bus!


Where do the buses stop?

We will stop at any normal bus stop along the routes we operate.  But please give a clear hand signal to the driver if you wish to board, or let him know in good time if you are on the bus and wish to get off.  We will also do our best on less busy stretches of road to stop wherever is convenient for you  - so long as it is safe to do so!



Is there anything else I need to know?

We're not quite sophisticated enough to be able to accept contactless payments, so please do have enough cash for your fare.  We can give change but if everyone comes with £20 notes then we'll run out pretty quickly.  Adult fares rarely exceed £6 except for the very longest journeys into Reading.  Fares information can be found on the individual service pages.  If you've got any kind of railcard (e.g. family, Network, 16-15, Senior etc) you can get a day return for the price of a single if you show your railcard to the driver.  And of course if you have an English Concessionary Bus Pass you get free travel (except before on Mondays to Fridays in Oxfordshire before 09.00, or 09.30 elsewhere).


Any problems?

We will do all we can to help.  Please speak to the driver, or if that is not possible, call us on 07484 605888.  We're only a very small outfit so sometimes we can't get to the phone but we do try to answer quickly whenever we can.  We don't have a queuing system or a number of different options - just a basic mobile phone!  If you can't get through and it's not so urgent, do email us at littlebluebus@yahoo.com - we usually reply within 24 hours.  You can also use this email for any comments, observations, suggestions - and complaints.



January 2018 was the month of our first anniversary since we took over running the 134 Goring to Wallingford from GoRide.  We are confident that with continuing local support we will continue to reverse the national trends and see growth and expansion in a local bus service.


Having launched our new services 137 and 138 from Wallingford to Shillingford Hill, Dorchester, RAF Benson, Ewelme and Watlington in July/August 2017, we have extended the Dorchester service to run round Berinsfield village from April 2018.  Please see elsewhere on this website for details of all our services.


Do join us on our adventure as we set about exploring parts of Oxfordshire and West Berkshire that other operators cannot reach!


Two of our re-branded Volkwagen 'Bluebirds' outside Goring Station on March 10th 2017


                     A bit of history


We took over running the 134 service from 30th January 2017 and immediately introduced extra journeys later in the afternoon; the last bus from Wallingford is at 17.45 and these journeys also run on Saturdays.  Through Wallingford the service now runs a circular route – inward via Crowmarsh Church, returning along the A329 via Winterbrook past the Community Hospital entrance, and using the Wallingford by-pass to cross the River Thames, rejoining the normal route just before Mongewell.  This is to improve punctuality by avoiding the two sets of traffic lights in Wallingford, and to help ensure connections at Goring with the trains can be maintained.  It also means the hospital is easily accessible by bus directly from Goring, Cleeve and the Stokes (and vice versa!)


On February 20th 2017 we successfully launched the new service transporting pupils from South Stoke, North Stoke and Mongewell to Wallingford School, and the following day the Traffic Commissioners called giving approval for the 134 bus to run across the railway bridge into Goring village, before terminating at the railway station as usual.  This gives easy access to the Surgery, Community Centre, Library, the shops, the river and various cafes and pubs!  We still connect with the trains at Goring & Streatley railway station.


The Fridays only 133 service was introduced to provide a service from Streatley and Moulsford to Wallingford, and alleviate pressure on the morning 134 services to Wallingford.  Soon after that we started developing plans to fill the gap that Thames Travel were leaving when they revised their 143 service from 3rd July 2017.  This meant that Whitchurch, Whitchurch Hill, Crays Pond and Goring Heath joined the Going Forward Buses network. In the meantime, the 133 route was amended to include The Coombe in Streatley - probably the first time ever that this road has ever had a regular bus service!  And now Shillingford, Dorchester, Berinsfield, RAF Benson, Ewelme and Watlington have joined the network, all waiting for you to explore!


Thanks to GoRide for four and a half years during which they established a sound foundation for the continuation of the route - managing to reduce the subsidy from Oxfordshire County Council from around £80,000 per year under previous operator Heyfordian to zero!  Your new operator - and brand new not-for-profit Community Interest Company Going Forward Buses is based in Goring and is already working hard to expand services in the area for the benefit of the local community. There are no shareholders to worry about or dividends to pay - our only concern is to give you the best service possible with the resources we have.

 Please check the Service Changes page for any updates due to  road closures



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