Shillingford Hill, Dorchester & Berinsfield


We were planning to make some changes to this service from Tuesday 7th August 2018, but due to driver illness this will be deferred until a later date.  The current timetable of three return journeys between Wallingford and Berinsfield will continue to run, on Tuesdays only, until further notice.  We are very sorry for any disappointment not introducing the new service will cause.



From Tuesday 26th June, we're going round the bend - the other way!  The first service will now run anti-clockwise round Berinsfield village so that you can get to the Health Centre and local shops. The final two services will run clockwise - but don't worry, we've adjusted the times so even if you're waiting on the wrong side of the road you won't get left behind!

The new service is numbered 138A, which runs along the west side of Fane Drive, and 138B, which runs along the east side of Fane Drive.  All services run in a circular route round Berinsfield via the Health Centre, please remain on board to reach your destination!


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