Special Offer for School Students 

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For students who do not have a local authority Bus Pass!


The One Week School Pass


This ticket allows travel for one week on selected services designated as serving schools.  The pass will be issued in the form of a business card labelled 'School Pass', and will be valid from Monday to Friday of the same week.  The date of issue must be completed by the driver, and the pass must be shown when boarding the bus.  You can buy it from the driver at the beginning of each week.


Years 1-11

The price of the One Week School Pass is the equivalent of four child singles. 


Years 12 & 13

The price of the One Week School Pass is the equivalent of four adult singles.


If the holder of a School Pass wishes to travel on any other services (including any journeys on the Saturday of the week of issue), the child fare for the journey being undertaken will be payable, regardless of age.  There is no credit for any days that the pass is not used.  If travelling to school for only one or two days in the week it will be cheaper to buy daily tickets.


We are happy to convey passengers from Crowmarsh to the School on the morning bus, for £1 single (regardless of age).  Good to know if it is raining!  The afternoon bus does not return via Crowmarsh, but can convey passengers to Market Place and as far as Winterbrook for £1.


If you have any questions please contact Going Forward Buses email



Schools currently covered by the offer (as at September 2017)


Wallingford School:  08.00 Goring to Wallingford School; 15.25 Wallingford School to Goring

Goring Primary School:  08.40 Wallingford to Goring; 14.45 or 16.15 Goring to Wallingford

Oratory School (Goffs Lane site):  07.20 Goring to Reading/08.50 Reading to Goring; 16.10 Reading to Goring/14.55 or 17.15 Goring to Reading


For other schools, or if you would like other services included in the validity of the pass, please contact us and we'll see what we can do!


This offer may be amended without notice so please email us to confirm it is available and the price payable before starting your first journey!


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