Changes from 1st October 2018


We're planning to make changes to our services and fares from 1st October 2018.  Subject to the approval of the Traffic Commissioner, we'll be changing our 134 route so that the buses run via the Wallingford by-pass and Hithercroft Road instead of Crowmarsh.  This will avod two sets of traffic lights - and we'll be ready for the opening of the new LiDL store, expected to happen some time before the end of the year.  Our new route will pass right by.  The new timetable, below, shows the times at Wallingford station which is next to the site of the new store.


The 133 service will also change, to run direct between Moulsford and Wallingford passing The Meadows.  The new times are also shown in the timetable below.


The 137 (Watlington) and 138 (Berinsfield) will also change slightly from 1st October.  They'll still run on Fridays and Tuesdays respectively but there will be longer in Wallingford and when LiDL opens they will be extended to serve the new store.  The service from 1st October is shown below.


The Parks Routes services on Saturdays and Sundays will continue unchanged for the time being.


We're also planning changing our fares on the 133, 134, 137 and 138 services to a 'zone' system.  Some journeys (within the zone) will be free!  We won't sell return tickets anymore, but if you bought asingle ticket you can come back on any journey after 14.00 free.  And railcard holders and anyone aged 5-18 can travel at child fares (half the adult fare) except on the 09.15 Goring to Wallingford and 13.15 Wallingford to Goring.  So you shouldn't find yourself paying more than you would under the old system - and in many cases it will be cheaper!  Anyone can buy a Network Railcard and get child fares - see the National Rail website or ask at the station ticket office for details.

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