Wallingford to Didcot via Berinsfield &         Long Wittenham (138/D1) or via The                             Moretons (D2)

URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT!  We are very sorry that our Saturday driver is unable to do Saturdays from April 2nd 2022.  We plan to run the normal Saturday service on April 2nd, but after that we will reluctantly have to suspend all Saturday services until further notice.  We sincerely apologise to anyone who wished to use the service.  If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in driving for us on Saturdays, please let us know!



We're making some more changes to our services from 16th March 2022. 


Service D1 (via Long Wittenham)

We are still running on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays with some minor timing changes.  The major change is that on Saturdays there will be an additional service from Didcot to Wallingford via Long Wittenham at 10.05, returning from Wallingford via Long Wittenham at 11.45.


Service D2 (via The Moretons)

There will still be one return journey from Didcot to Wallingford via The Moretons but it will run on WEDNESDAYS instead of SATURDAYS (we have had no passengers on a Saturday since we changed the day).  It will leave Didcot at 10.00 and return from Wallingford at 12.00.


Full details are shown below.



For additional services between Home Park and Wallingford see the 138 timetable.

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