How much does it cost to ride on the                                   bus?

Unless otherwise shown in the fares table below, on most routes journeys cost £3, £4 or £5 one way for adults, half fare for children aged 5 to 18.  Returns are either twice the single fare or £6 where the single fare is £4 or £8 where the single fare is £5.  If you have any kind of railcard we currently have a special offer - buy an adult single and come back the same day for free ('pay one way').  There are exceptions to this - see below for full details.  If the driver gets it wrong and you are charged something different by mistake, sorry for that - please let us know and we will refund the whole of the fare you paid.


If you wonder why some fares are different for the same journey in the reverse direction, it's because of the way the different councils along the route reimburse us for Concessionary Pass journeys.  It's too complicated to explain, but setting the fares in this way is necessary to ensure that we get as much for the pass journeys as we can so that we can continue running the services.  Going Forward Buses is a not-for-profit company so please be assured that all income goes to keep the buses on the road!


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