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May 18th 2017

Going Forward Buses was invited to the annual Streatley Assembly, featuring various local community organisations.  Thanks to John Fung for helping to man the stand.  

May 15th 2017

The new service to Caversham and Reading starts today, with the first journey leaving Goring at 07.35.  There are initially four return journeys on Mondays to Fridays, but a Saturday Service of three return journeys will be introduced from June 3rd.  


April 7th 2017

Surprise surprise!  The identical twin of bus SF06BLZ has been found and today is welcomed to the fleet!  Watch out for SLF06BLX - apart from the number plate there is very little difference although it does have one more seat than its twin.  Both were built in the same batch at the same time, one after the other, but it's many years since they were seen together!  Thanks to our friends at SB Engineering in Woodcote for speedily getting it back to tip-top condition.


Its first run, today, was to test out the new route scheduled to be introduced in mid May, from Goring through Pangbourne, Whitchurch, Whitchurch Hill and Cray's Pond to Caversham and Reading (Blagrave Street) with three journeys continuing to the Tesco Superstore in Napier Road.  Watch out for more details of this Monday to Friday four-times-a-day service, coming soon!



Easter services:  Good Friday and Easter Monday - sorry, no service.  Easter Saturday - normal Saturday service.


Saturday 22nd April is St George's Day and celebrations in Wallingford mean that the Market Place will be closed to traffic from 10.00 to 16.00.  During this time buses will pick up and set down in High Street opposite the Library/Museum.  If coming from the Market Place, go to the traffic lights at the crossroads next to Waitrose and turn left.  It's less than five minutes from there to the bus stop.  Please note that should the closure times be altered and the Market Place is open to traffic, buses will revert to the regular stops outside Corn Exchange or Town Hall.


For information on Beale Park and Salters Steamers, see the new pages elsewhere on the website!


March 20th 2017

Please don't rely on the big Corn Exchange clock in Wallingford Market Place!  It's running over five minutes slow, so if you go by that time you'll miss the bus!


March 16th 2017

Check out the new website page 'Chiltern Society Maps' showing a variety of walks around Goring - and better still, check them out for real!  Some of the walks can be shortened a bit by catching the bus.


March 15th 2017

Going Forward Buses has got a mention in the April issue of Buses magazine - and last Friday's Henley Standard too.  


February 24th 2017

Thanks to all who used the 'relief' bus today, it made running it feel worthwhile, and we are very thankful for your support!  More good news is that we have managed to get spare keys made for both buses - unfortunately GoRide didn't have them but our friends at Cordwallis have got duplicate sets for us and successfully managed to programme them in Goring station car park today so they are definitely working!


February 21st 2017

It's all happening!  Yesterday we successfully launded the new schools service and this morning the Traffic Commissioners called giving approval for the bus to run into Goring village centre, with immediate effect!  No timings have changed, except that on the way to Goring most services will operate in a loop through the vilage before terminating at the station forecourt as usual.  This means easy access to the Surgery, Community Centre, Library, the High Street shops, the river, Streatley and various cafes and pubs!  Journeys to Wallingford continue to run via the usual route (except will run the full length of Lockstile Way and Milldown Avenue instead of Lockstile Mead), but you are welcome to join the bus as it passes through the village on its inward journey to the station.  See the website for the new timetable (or collect one from the bus) and hop on board soon!


February 20th 2017

Today we welcome Wallingford School students to the service.  Oxfordshire County Council has asked us to help transport four pupils who live in North Stoke, and two who live in Mongewell.  Don't be surprised if you see them on the 08.00 from Goring and 15.40 from Wallingford.  


February 18th 2017

Just got the statistics for the week - we've smashed through the 500 journeys mark with 510 recorded since last Monday.  Thanks for all your support!


February 14th 2017

Happy Valentine's Day - and welcome to bus number three!  All the way from St Austell in Cornwall, it's a new home at Going Forward Buses for this 16 seater minibus.  It needs to be checked over by the garage but it looks to be in good shape, and should be very useful as back up bus to the other two.  We're doing all we can to make the service as reliable as possible!


February 13th 2017

Week two of the new service saw a slight increase in passengers including some 'new faces' so thanks to everyone who has been spreading the word.  See the new web page for ideas for walks from the bus - some very short and some a bit longer!  It's a great way to help the bus (especially if you're a concessionary pass holder, or if you buy a £4 single) and get a bit of exercise in our beautiful countryside too.


February 10th 2017

A hectic day with both buses operating, but all journeys completed and within five minutes of time.  Thanks to Breyan from Moulsford Parish Council for his support - see photo on facebook!  Investigated a possible extension of the new 133 route to Berinsfield - watch out for more news of this later!


February 10th 2017

New 133 service starts today.  The white bus is back in service and has already set off on its first journey to Wallingford before crossing the bridge officially for the first time with the 09.00 Goring to Moulsford.  


February 7th 2017

We're into the second week of the new service; all went well last week and thanks to everyone who supported us.  Timetables are now available for the Fridays only 133 Moulsford and Streatley service which starts this Friday 10th February (including some extra journeys on the 134 route) - you can get them from Goring Library and Community Information Centre, and other outlets soon - or see the 133 page elsewhere on the website.


February 4th 2017

The new Saturday service is now in operation, with four extra journeys each way!  The first bus from Goring is at 08.00, last bus 17.15; the first bus from Wallingford is at 08.40, last bus 17.45 - the same as during the week!  Plenty more journey opportunities are now available on Saturdays as a result of this change.


Newsletter No 2 is now available - see the newsletter pages on the website, or sign up to receive it through email by sending a message to littlebluebus@yahoo.com


February 3rd 2017

Successful test run of the new 133 Moulsford and Streatley service that will run every Friday from next week (10th).  This will also mean more buses on Friday mornings on the 134 route so no danger of being left behind on the 09.15 or 10.15 - another bus will be along in a few minutes!


January 30th 2017

The new service commenced today including the additional journeys from Goring station at 16.15 and 17.15, returning from Wallingford Market Place at 16.40 and 17.45.  There's a special introductory offer on these new services - you can travel on them for just the normal child fare (which is half the adult fare!).  Also after 11.00 there's a special offer for families - if an adult buys a £4 single, one or two children (5-15) can travel with them for free!  But not before 11.00, and you can't travel on the 15.40 from Wallingford, but you can use any other service after 11.00. See the Special Offers page for more details.


January 29th 2017

Check out the new Fridays only service operating from Friday February 10th, serving Moulsford and Streatley, as well as giving a greater choice of morning services from Goring and the Stokes to Wallingford.  The timetable now has its own page on the website.


January 28th 2017  

Farewell to GoRide's Oxfordshire services - they have confirmed that I was their last passenger, getting off at Goring on today's final 14.15 Wallingford to Goring run.  Thanks GoRide for four and a half years of excellent service!


January 27th 2017

Permission has been granted by the Traffic Commissioners for a Fridays only service which will help to relieve the capacity problems on the 09.15 and 10.15 buses from Goring, and also the 11.40 bus from Wallingford.  Additional services will run from Goring just on Fridays, starting Friday 10th February, at 09.30 and 10.30, with an extra service from Wallingford at 12.40.  There will also be three services serving Moulsford and Streatley (numbered 133).  Details of these new 133/134 Friday services will be added to the timetable section of the website soon!


January 26th 2017

Permits for the two buses and permission from the Traffic Commissioners to run the service from 30th January confirmed today, so it's definitely All Systems Go from Monday!


January 22nd 2017

New timetables now available!


The new timetable leaflets for the service from 30th January 2017 are out - please pick up a copy:

On the bus

At Goring station

At Goring Library

At Goring Community Information Centre

At Streatley Youth Hostel

At South Stoke Village Shop

At South Stoke Perch & Pike Pub/Restaurant

At Wallingford Visitor Information Centre

At Wallingford Library

At Wallingford Museum


If you visit any of these locations and find that they have run out, please contact littlebluebus@yahoo.com and we will make sure more are made available as soon as possible!



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