New - from 1st January 2018 child fares are available on our services to anyone aged between 5 and 18!


Please note: some fares will change from 1st October 2018.  The information shown here applies until then.  See The October Revolution 2018 page for more details.


Special Introductory Offers


After 16.00 on the 134


To promote the late afternoon journeys on route 134, hop on any service after 16.00 and you can be a child again!


From Goring Station this means you can hop on the 16.15 or 17.15 buses to

Cleeve for the child fare of just £1

South Stoke or North Stoke  £1.50

Crowmarsh or Wallingford  £2


Same child fares apply to all journeys in the reverse direction on the 16.40 and 17.45 buses from Wallingford


If you want to pop into Wallingford for an hour, catch the 16.15 for just £3 child return and come back at 17.45 from Market Place.


Family Favourites on the 134 and 134


After 11.00, buy a £4 single and up to two accompanied children travel free!  So for £8 return, one adult and two children (5-15) can have trip from Goring to Wallingford.  This is a saving of £6 on the previous fare of £14!  But it’s only available on services after 11.00 and you can’t travel on the 15.40 Wallingford to Goring on schooldays.


Pay One Way on the 133 and 134


Are you a railcard holder?  Travel on any journey any day except the 09.15 Goring to Wallingford or the 13.15 Wallingford to Goring and you can come back the same day for free!


Offer applies to any official National Rail railcard, including Network Cards, 16-25 railcards, Two Together railcards, Annual Gold Cards, Senior railcards etc etc!


Take us for a ride


Do you travel regularly before 09.00?


The good news is that if you buy 4 adult singles or returns, your fifth journey is FREE!  So 5 single journeys from Goring to Wallingford works out at just £16.  South Stoke to Goring or Wallingford costs £12 for 5 journeys.


And if you come back on a service after 16.00 you only pay the child fare – so 5 return journeys from Goring to Wallingford or vice versa costs only £26.  South Stoke (Wallingford or Goring) just £19.50.


P.S. If you have a railcard it’s even cheaper with the ‘Pay One Way’ offer above!

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