Special services for Wallingford                             School Students 

The School Service is currently fully booked for terms 1 & 2 2021/22.  We can add any prospective further pupils to our waiting list but cannot promise to be able to fulfil those requests.  Sorry about this - demand for this service is much higher than we ever had before!


For those who have to pay for their home to school travel on our 134 Goring - The Stokes - Wallingford route, the daily fare for the 2021/2022 school year is £2 single or £4 return (for those aged 18 and under).  However we cannot guarnetee a space on the bus unless a termly pass is purchased; please email us at littlebluebus@yahoo.com for details.


Accommodation on our school services is strictly limited; priority is given to students paid for by Oxfordshire County Council and those who purchase a termly pass.


Subject to any changes requested by the County Council or Wallingford School, our service will run on all school days from 6th September 2021 leaving Goring railway station at 08.00, running via the normal 134 route passing Cleeve Scout Hut (dep 08.03), South Stoke Perch & Pike (dep 08.07), North Stoke (dep 08.12) and Mongewell turn (dep 08.14).


The return journey will leave Wallingford School as soon after 15.15 as is possible, as advised by the supervising teacher, and will return via the same route.


Neither service is expected to pick up or set down in Wallingford Market Place.


This is a public bus service so face coverings must be worn so as to help protect the driver.  We also ask that all passengers show respect for the bus and the bus driver and don't put feet on seats or leave any kind of mess on the bus.  Any anti-social behaviour may result in us not being able to carry the passenger(s) concerned.  In this event any money paid for a termly pass will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

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