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Friday 7th June 2024 Update: We are sorry that we have still not been able to find a driver for our second bus today so the only service we will be able to operate is the 134 Goring to Wallingford, which should run as normal. Please see below for more details of which other services will be affected. Once again, sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We hope to be back to normal from Monday.


Friday 7th June 2024: Due to lack of available drivers, we are extremely sorry that we may not be able to operate any services this Friday on routes 133 (Moulsford) and 137 (Watlington). The Comet operated 'Berinsfield Busker' service on route 138 should run as normal but the GFB operated services (Dorchester depart 09.41, 12.21 and 14.15, Wallingford depart 09.25, 11.33, 12.00 and 14.05) are also unlikely to run. Please accept our sincere apologies for this. If you were relying on any of these services to get somewhere urgently and would be stranded as a result of any cancellations, please do try to find alternative transport (e.g. taxi) and we will reimburse the cost if you provide evidence of the journey made. We are still trying to find any available drivers so do check back here on Friday morning or call us on 07484 605888 after 08.00 in case we are able to operate some or all of them. This page will be updated as soon as there are any developments. Thank you.


Our revised Autumn 2023 service on this route has had to be changed due to limited driver availability.  The Monday service will be operated by Oxfordshire Comet at revised times until further notice.  Please see the revised timetable below.  


Unfortunately due to health issues, the person who usually changes the timetables at some of the bus stops on this route is unable to do it this time. We are very sorry about this, and will try to get them changed as soon as we can. If anyone would like to help by changing them at their local stops, please do let us know - and thank you to those who have already volunteered!



Home Park services


There are some minor timing changes to Home Park services from Monday 4th September 2023.  Details are shown below.

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