Service Changes and Updates


We're making some changes to our summer services from July 2019.  Please see the Summer Services page for full details of the revised services and when they start from.  Copies of the revised services are now available on the buses and at other usual outlets.



The Summer 2019 timetable has arrived - for the revised current timetables, please see the webpages.  Copies are available on the buses, at Wallingford Tourist Information Office, Goring Railway Station, Library and Community Centre, and Pangbourne Library.


Please note, there are no services on any of our routes on Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2019


Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Due to numerous problems with the temperamental doors which are now affecting no less than four of our buses, we can only run one bus on the Didcot route tomorrow - and that one has only one door working - here's hoping that doesn't give in too! We won't blame you if you choose not to travel on the Didcot service this week - very sorry for the inconvenience caused. We're doing all we can to make sure we're back to normal by next week.


Monday 24th to Saturday 29th June 2019


Wednesday 19th June 2019

There's a new additional service on Wednesdays until further notice on route 133 from Wallingford to Goring via Moulsford and Streatley at 12.50.  This service starts from Didcot at 12.05, and if you'd like to visit Didcot's new Orchard shopping centre for a change, catch the outward journey which leaves Moulsford at 09.10 and Streatley Primary School at 09.16, and Goring railway station at 09.25.


Saturday 15th June 2019

It's Carnival Day in Wallingford!  Why not get to it by bus?  We're running our usual 134 service from Goring station via Cleeve and The Stokes.  Because the Market Place will be closed, after 09.00 all services will enter Wallingford via Crowmarsh and will pick up and set down opposite the Museum.  They will return to Goring via the normal scheduled route.  Between 13.00 and 14.30 because of the procession, services will terminate at or start from LiDL.  Sorry for any inconvenience but enjoy the Carnival!


Thursday 23rd May 2019

We are aware that the road between Stoke Row and Peppard Common may be closed to all traffic today. Unfortunately we have not received any official notification of this, so we could not advertise the disruption to services that will be caused at the affected bus stops. There is a long diversion in place, and if we have to follow this our H1/H2 services may not be able to serve any stops between Stoke Row and Rotherfield Greys, or may run up to 15 minutes late. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused but expect things to be back to normal next week.


Monday to Friday 13th-17th May 2019

Ferry Road in South Stoke is expected to be closed while the drainage is sorted out: our buses will divert via Cross Keys Road and will not be able to serve the stops in Ferry Road or the Perch & Pike.  Please wait at the junction of The Street and Cross Keys Road, or at the stops by Freedom Cottage on the main road.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Saturday 27th April 2019

Wallingford Market Place may be closed between 10 and 4 for St George's Day festivities.  If we are unable to reach the Market Place stops we will pick up and set down opposite Wallingford Museum in High Street.  Services may be diverted, running in to Wallingford via Crowmarsh.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by these festivities.  'Happy St George's Day'!



Saturday 30th March 2019

Roadworks are blocking the corner of South Bank and The Street in South Stoke.  While this persists, buses will have to run via Cross Keys Lane to get to/from The Perch & Pike.  If you want to catch the bus from South Bank, please wait at the junction with the main road.  We're not sure how long this go on for.  Very sorry for any inconvenience.


Friday 1st February 2019

Heavy snow last night is affecting our services today.  The 133 and 134 services are running but we won't be going round the South Stoke, Cleeve or Goring village loops, and will also have to miss out The Coombe and Streatley Primary School.  Following local advice, the Watlington 137 won't be running today.  Very sorry for the inconvenience.  If you don't need to travel it's probably better not to, even though we will miss you!


Thursday 31st January 2019

Bad weather is forecast and may affect our services over the next few days.  We'll update this page and facebook if services have to be cancelled or diverted.  In addition to this, some services may run a bit late due to continuing roadworks in Wallingford which we have to get round.  And LiDL opens today in Wallingford so this might have an impact on services too!


Please note, some of our old messages have been deleted as they were no longer relevant - but some have been retained (below) so you can see the sort of incidents we have reported on in the past.


Monday 19th November 2018

We're making some changes to the afternoon services so that we can get all the schoolchildren home; some services will run a few minutes later than at present.  Details of the revised services can be found on the 134 page.  Please note that our winter timetables will start on December 3rd, which does mean there will be some more changes, particularly in the afternoon.  New timetables for all our services are currently at the printers and should be available shortly.  You can also find them on each of our services pages on the website.  


Sunday 28th October 2018

This will be the last day of operating the Sunday services on routes 134 and 142-8 for the time being.  Beale Park will be closing for the winter in early November and there will be fewer people out walking, who are the main users of the service.  It has been losing around £50 a day even during the summer on most Sundays, so sadly we cannot afford to keep running it at such a big loss.


Sunday 18th March 2018

We're very sorry that Service 144 Goring to Reading won't be operating today because of the snow.  Our little blue bus has turned white!  We hope everything will be back to normal tomorrow, although we'll need to check that the minor roads are passable.  Apologies for the inconvenience caused.  Our little blue bus has turned white!


Tuesday 20th February 2018

Severe congestion in Caversham has caused a significant delay to the bus operating the 142 service this morning.  Very sorry for any inconvenience this will cause to your journey.  Hoping to be back on track by mid morning.


Wednesday 27th December

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.  We've been attacked by snow so we're not sure yet what services we can run today.  The 07.20 Goring to Reading 142 service is on its way, but will be running a bit late due to very poor road conditions.  There isn't a service 134 08.00 Goring to Wallingford or 08.40 back today (or for the rest of the week), but we're hopng to run all later services on the 133, 134 and 137 routes.   We'll update this page and facebook with any more information we can provide as soon as possible, but we're not sure if the roads were gritted last night....


Tuesday 12th December

The 07.20 service 144 from Goring to Reading is on its way.  We're hoping to be able to operate all our services today, but some of the minor roads we use might be too icy as they won't have been gritted.  Please check on facebook for the latest news about any sections of route that we cannot use, and take special care if you're venturing out as it a bit slippery out there!


Monday 11th December

Good morning!  Thankfully the temperature overnight seems to have been a bit higher than expected and there's not much ice around (at the moment!). The 07.20 service from Goring to Reading is on its way, and we're hoping to be able to run a near normal service on all routes.  Please bear with us as we navigate them for the first time, and allow us to be a bit late especially on our longer routes as driving conditions are still not good.


Sunday 10th/Monday 11th December

The roads still look bad and it's likely to be very icy in the morning.  We'll update you with the status of services on all our routes as soon as we know if and what we can operate.  We're very sorry for the inconvenience that the snow is causing.  In the meantime, please keep safe and try to stay warm!


Sunday 10th December

Unfortunately the heavy snowfall last night means that our buses are stuck in the car parks and we won't be able to operate the 144 service today.  The roads look dangerous too.  We apologise if you were plnning to make a journey today.  It's very slippery and cold out so it's probably best to stay at home anyway.  An update on possible route changes tomorrow will be provided here and on facebook this evening. 


Sunday 12th November

The Remembrance Day Parade in Pangbourne may cause delays to services on the 144 route after 14.00.  We'll try to keep any delay to a minimum, and will be running the 14.10 Goring to Reading 15 minutes EARLIER throughout in the hope of getting through Pangbourne before roads are closed.  Please bear with us if this plan does not work - we've been given three different timings for the road closure!


Revised timetables from Monday 13th November

The Traffic Commissioner has approved timetable changes which will be introduced from Monday 13th November.  A summary of the changes is shown below.  Full timetables are now on the website, and printed versions will be available on the buses and at Goring Library, Information Centre, Railway Station and Wallingford Visitor Centre.



The Coombe

We're sorry that we had to suspend operating to and from The Coombe in Streatley because of a succession of roadworks which either closed the road or caused severe delays.  We've tried to restore a limited service on the 133 route but continue to have problems caused by never ending roadworks.  There are some changes to the arrangements for The Coombe in the new timetable from 13th November - please check so that you don't get left behind.


Wednesday 6th September

Road closures that led to the diversion of the 142 service to Upper Basildon via Pangbourne, and caused suspension of the 133 service up The Coombe in Streatley, have now finished and both routes are (supposedly!) passable by buses, so we have restored both services.  Please bear with us if services running via The Coombe are a few minutes later than published in the timetable; an allowance has been included at the end of each journey so buses should get to Goring or Wallingford more or less on time.  Apologies for any inconvenience but road closures are a nightmare for timetable planners!


Bank Holiday Monday 28th August

It's a day off for our drivers so no services except for the 144 Goring-Basildon Park-Beale Park-Pangbourne-Purley-Oxford Road-Reading, which will be running to the normal Sunday timetable


Saturday September 2nd  Bunkfest

Wallingford's annual Bunkfest will be held on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd September.  We expect to be able to operate a normal service, but pick up and set down points in Wallingford may need to be changed due to road closures.  Watch this space for details!  Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.


Monday August 21st to Tuesday August 29th  Reading Festival

We're continuing to operate what we hope will be a normal service during the Reading Festival, although we can't predict if services will be affected by heavy traffic in and around Caversham and Reading.  Please bear with us if there are delays to services while the festival is on and during the days when people are arriving and departing.  If necessary, some services may need to terminate at or start from Blagrave Street instead of running to and from Tesco in the event of very late running.  It is probably best to plan to catch buses at Blagrave Street or Caversham Library rather than Tesco just in case we can't get through to Kings Meadow during the height of the festival.   Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.


No services on routes 133, 134, 137, 138 or 142 on Bank Holiday Monday August 28th, but we will be running a Sunday service on route 144 Goring to Reading via Basildon Park, Beale Park, Pangbourne, Purley and Oxford Road.  So if the weather's nice, why not enjoy a day out at the parks, or catch the bus to Pangbourne and take a walk through the woods to Goring?


Friday 18th August

The new evening service on route 142 from Goring to Reading and back staretd operating yesterday.  This is an experimental service, made possible through the efforts of volunteer drivers mainly from Whitchurch and Whitchurch Hill.  Peter Dragonetti drove the inaugural return journey leaving Goring at 17.15.  So now there is a service from Reading along the route (including Upper Basildon) offering workers, shoppers and students a later departure from Reading Blagrave Street at 18.20.  


Friday 18th August to Wednesday 30th August

Sorry to say that the roadworks blocking Park Wall Lane, Lower Basildon, which should have finished on 16th August, have been extended for another two weeks.  This means that the early morning 142A service (07.20 from Goring to Reading) will unexpectedly have to continue using the diversionary route through Pangbourne to get to Upper Basildon.  This morning we did manage to reach Reading on time, despite having left Upper Basildon around ten minutes late.  We will do our best to make up the lost time but apologise in advance if traffic conditions make this impossible.  Very much hoping the road will reopen on August 31st!


Thursday 17th August onwards

Just a reminder that the revised service on the 142 route starts today.  Some services will now be routed via Woodcote, so please check as there are a few minor retimings to allow this to happen.  We are also introducing a new flat fare within the Reading Borough Council area of £1.50 for any single journey.  This applies from Upper Woodcote Road (Shepherd's Lane) all the way through Caversham and Blagrave Street to Tesco King's Meadow, and anywhere in between.  But best of all is the news that there will now be a later service on the route on Mondays to Fridays, leaving Goring at 17.15 and returning from Reading Blagrave Street at 18.20.  Volunteers from Whitchurch and Goring Heath Parish Councils will be the mainstay of drivers on this experimental service - like all the journeys on this (and our other routes!) we need people to use it, as even with volunteer drivers it still costs money to run it (fuel, vehicle maintenance and other overheads etc).


Thursday 10th August - again!

Sorry the 12.15 Goring to Reading 142 is also a bit delayed.... running around 20 minutes late for which we do apologise.  Hopefully services for the rest of the day should be more or less on time.


Thursday 10th August

The 142 service to Reading is having a change of vehicle this morning so the 09.40/09.50 from Goring may be a few minutes late.  Sorry for any inconvenience!


From Thursday 17th August, the road between Lower Basildon and Upper Basildon (Park Wall Lane) is expected to reopen.  We are taking the opportunity to make a few little changes to the 142 service - plus one big change - there will be an additonal later journey on the route, leaving Goring station at 17.15 and returning from Reading at 18.15 (Tesco), 18.20 (Blagrave Street).  There are some timing changes during the day as most services will run via Woodcote.  The revised timetable can be found on the website on the 142 page, and will be available on the buses from Thursday 10th.


Following last week's introduction of the new 138 service from Wallingford to Shillingford Hill, Dorchester and Berinsfield roundabout, this week sees the commencement of our new Tuesday 137 service from Wallingford via RAF Benson and Ewelme to Watlington.  Two return journeys will operate in the morning as a trial to see if there is enough demand to justify the possible introduction of more regular services in the future.


The new 144 Sunday service from Goring to Reading via Beale Park and Basildon Park starts on Sunday 30th August.  There are four return journeys, connecting with trains at Goring (which has lifts or level access to all platforms and is not usually affected by engineering work sometimes requiring replacement buses from Tilehurst to Pangbourne).  You can also travel by train to Pangbourne, Tilehurst or Reading as the bus passes close to all three stations. Between Pangbourne and Reading the service goes via Purley and the Oxford Road, parts of which have not been served for many years.  Due to bad weather we haven't been able to put timetables for the new service at bus stops between Pangbourne and Reading yet (except at Blagrave Street) but the service will be running ever Sunday from 30th July onwards and observes all normal bus stops along the weekday Thames Trasvel 143 route on request.



Coming soon!  There will be some changes to services before the end of July (subject to approval of the Traffic Commissioners) - see below for a summary; full details of the new timetables can be found under the relevant service pages on the website.


We're also running to Shillingford Hill and Dorchester from Goring and Walllingford three days a week from 31st July - see the new service 138 page for more information.




Thursday June 22nd

The RAF are having a 'Freedom March' in Wallingford from 3.30 to 5 p.m. and a number of streets including Wallingford Bridge itself will be closed.  This will affect the 15.40 and 16.40 Wallingford to Goring services; these services will pick up at the Old Police Station, about five minutes walk from the Market Place, at 15.45 and 16.45.  The 16.15 Goring to Wallingford will not be able to run over Wallingford bridge; any passengers for Crowmarsh will be dropped at Crowmarsh Church on request, and the bus will then proceed back via the Wallingford by-pass and Winterbrook to the Old Police Station.


Saturday June 17th

Very sorry that one of the buses developed a little problem this morning and as a result we were unable to run the 09.50, 10.40 and 11.50 Wallingford to Goring and the 10.15 and 11.25 Goring to Wallingford services. Also sorry we were unable to arrange any alternative transport - due to the Carnival it seemed that all the taxis normally in the Market Place had gone into hiding!  Terry, swapping his driver's hat for that of mechanic managed to fix the problem at lunchtime, and we did manage to run the full special two bus service for the rest of the day. If you were affected by any of these cancellations, please contact us by email so we can arrange some suitable compensation.


On Saturday June 17th it's Carnival Day in Wallingford.  The Market Place will be closed to all traffic - and parking will be a nightmare!  But we're planning a service of two buses an hour between Goring and Wallingford to increase capacity on our services, in a circular route using both the 133 and 134 routes.  See the Wallingford Carnival page for more details.


From Saturday June 3rd, the 142 service also runs on Saturdays!  It's a few years now since Whitchurch and Whitchurch Hill had a Saturday service, but we're happy to be running three return journeys from Goring to Caversham and Reading via Basildon House, Beale Park, Pangbourne, Whitchurch, Whitchurch Hill and Crays Pond.  See the 142 timetable page for full details.


From Friday June 2nd, the 133 Fridays only service is changing - there are now three return journeys on the route from Goring to Wallingford via Moulsford, and these all run via The Coombe giving this long road in Streatley a bus service for the first time ever!


This means the additional 134 Fridays only services from Goring to Wallingford via the Stokes at 09.30 and 10.30 are replaced by services starting from South Stoke at 09.00 and 10.30 which will run via Goring and then on the 133 route to Wallingford.  Coming back, the 133 service at 12.15 from Wallingford will continue after Goring station to Cleeve, so you don't need to wait until 13.10 if you want to get back to Cleeve.  For full details, see the 133 timetable page.

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