Service Changes and Updates


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our passengers!  We hope you'll keep travelling with us throughout 2020.  We won't be running any services on Christmas Day, Boxing Day (26th December) or New Year's Day, but it's a normal service on all other days over the Christmas and New Year period.


We've made some changes to our services from December 2nd 2019.  Full details are shown on each route page.


Monday 2nd December and Wednesday 4th December

Network Rail still hasn't finished working on the bridge at South Moreton, so the road is still closed.  We'll have to divert our services again but hopefully we can start operating our normal timetable including the new Monday services from Monday 9th December.  We are very sorry for the the inconvenience caused: we only found out that the closure had been extended when passing through South Moreton on Sunday 1st December changing the timetables for the new service.


Wednesday 30th October - Wednesday 27th November 2019

Network Rail has decided to disrupt our services by closing the road between Wallingford and South Moreton for over a month while they 'repair' the railway bridge. This means that we can't run our D2 service through South Moreton.  All journeys will have to be diverted; we plan to run through North Moreton (the wrong way round!) and then take the Didcot turn on the outskirts of South Moreton village.  We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.  To make up for it we're planning to run a D2 service on Mondays as well as Wednesdays from December 2nd - check out our Winter Timetables page for full details which will be shown there shortly.


Tuesday 29th October 2019

This will be the last day that the 15.00 Goring to Reading and 16.15 Reading to Goring services on routes 142-8 will be operating.  These are very lightly used services and Beale Park closes for the winter from 4th November.  The other services on this route will continue operating, with some minor timing changes from 3rd December.  Please see the 142-8 page for full details.



Saturday 31st August 2019

This will be the last day of operating the Saturday services on routes 142-8 for the time being.  It has been losing over £50 a day even during the summer on most Saturdays, so sadly we cannot afford to keep running it at such a big loss.  We are still running on this route on Tuesdays for the time being.



Sunday 28th October 2018

This will be the last day of operating the Sunday services on routes 134 and 142-8 for the time being.  Beale Park will be closing for the winter in early November and there will be fewer people out walking, who are the main users of the service.  It has been losing around £50 a day even during the summer on most Sundays, so sadly we cannot afford to keep running it at such a big loss.

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