Service Changes and Updates



On Fridays starting 23rd September we're running extra services on route 134 from Goring to Wallingford at 11.35, and Wallingford to Goring at 13.25.  From Wallingford you can also catch the 133 service from Wallingford to Goring via Moulsford, which will continue back to Wallingford on route 134 at 11.35.


Wallingford School reopened on Tuesday 6th September 2022 so the 08.48 Wallingford to Goring will resume for all passengers and the 15.20 Wallingford to Goring will only be available for school children until 20th October.  School resumes again on 31st October.


Changes to services from Monday 13th December 2021


We are making some minor changes to our services from Monday 13th December, to improve connections with the restored half-hourly off peak train service from Goring, and to alleviate some timekeeping issues on our Henley and Watlington services.  Please see the individual service pages for the new timetables.  Printed copies are now available on our buses, at Goring Railway Station and Library and at the Tourist Information Office in Wallingford Market Place.


Wallingford School will be having their Christmas holiday from Monday December 20th 2021 to Monday 3rd January 2022, so the 08.48 Wallingford to Goring will start from Springhill Road, Goring at 09.00 on those days.  The 15.20 Wallingford to Goring will be available for all passengers on those days.


New timetables on all routes from Monday 6th September 2021


We are changing our timetables from Monday 6th September in order for us to run a standard service at the same times Mondays to Fridays on route 134 Goring to Wallingford.  The new service on that route will mean there will be journeys between Goring and Wallingford on Thursday mornings for the first time since the lockdown last year.


In order to do this, we will have to change the times on all our other routes as we are using the same bus for most of these services.  We do appreciate that some of the new timings may cause some inconvenience but we have tried to minimise the changes, or to provide alternatives which we do hope will offer the majority of our loyal passengers something that is suitable.


The reason for all these changes is to allow us to be eligible to receive some grant funding from Oxfordshire County Council for the next six months.  This is essential to help us keep going (forward!) due to the downtown in passenger numbers since the pandemic and the ever increasing costs we are facing.




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