Support the bus and enjoy a healthy walk

Health and help for the local bus service -

Take the bus for a walk

If you have a concessionary pass for buses, you can travel free on Going Forward’s services (except before 09.00 Mondays to Fridays).  The County Council reimburses the bus company for the fare that would have been charged, which helps the bus to cover its costs, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a healthy stroll in the beautiful countryside! 


You can take the bus for just a couple of stops if you like, for a very short walk, or if you’re feeling a bit more energetic, go a bit (or a lot!) further.  Every little helps – both the bus and your health.


If you’re able to travel after 11.00 that would be great as buses before that can sometimes be a bit full, but lunchtime and the afternoon journeys are much quieter.  


There are some lovely walks along the edge of the Chilterns from Ewelme and Watlington, which we service on Fridays (route 137) or around Dorchester-on-Thames which we serve on Wednesdays (route 138).


We also run buses from Goring to Reading on Tuesdays (routes 142-148) passing Beale Park, Basildon House, Pangbourne, Whitchurch Hill and Caversham.  There's a choice of many fantastic walks along the Thames and through the woods on the edge of the Chilterns to enjoy.  


Well behaved dogs are welcome on the buses, so add a bit of variety to your daily walks by hopping on the bus and trying somewhere new!


There’s lots of stops along the way where you can get off and take a walk… how about trying the following – one way on the bus, one way walking!

Short hops (around 1 mile or less)


Goring village or station to Cleeve

Cleeve to Spring Farm (walk along Mill Road to get to the Bridleway, go back to the main road at the Leatherne Bottel)

Explore South Stoke (get off at South Bank, get on at Freedom Cottages or v.v.)

South Stoke to Little Stoke

North Stoke through the village to Mongewell

Wallingford to CABI or Mongewell

Pangbourne to Whitchurch


A little more effort (2-3 miles)


Goring village or station to South Stoke

Grove Farm Turn to Goring via Grove Farm, Wroxhills Wood, Battle Road, footpath above Cleeve Down ending up in Lockstile Way (longer version also possible including the daffodils when in season at Elvendon Priory)

South Stoke to North Stoke

Goring station to Whitchurch through Hartslock Wood

Whitchurch Hill to Goring via Upper Gatehampton Farm


Go the full distance!  (up to 6 miles)


Goring, Cleeve, Spring Farm or South Stoke to Mongewell or Wallingford

Whitchurch to Caversham via Mapledurham House


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