134 Goring - Wallingford Timetable


Monday 12th to Friday 16th February 2024: Wallingford School is closed for a week's holiday between terms. This means we won't be running the 07.57 morning school run nor the 08.48 service 134 Wallingford to Goring (it will start from Springhill Road instead at 09.00), but there will be an additional service 134 from Wallingford Market Place to Goring at 15.15.


Our revised Autumn 2023 service on this route started on Monday 4th September 2023.  There are minor timing changes to all services which we hope will improve punctuality and provide better connections with trains at Goring & Streatley station.  

Unfortunately due to health issues, the person who usually changes the timetables at the bus stops is unable to do it this time. We are very sorry about this, and will try to get them changed as soon as we can. If anyone would like to help by changing them at their local stops, please do let us know - and thank you to those who have already volunteered!


Wallingford School is back!

At the time of writing we still have a very limited number of places on our special journeys to/from Wallingford School.  If anyone is interested in a place please email us at littlebluebus@yahoo.com for more details.

Please also note that from the start of the new term, 5th September 2023, the 07.57 Goring to Wallingford School and 15.15 Wallingford School to Goring will only be available to school children and will not serve Wallingford Market Place.



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